Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for Timing

T is for Timing

I was at the library with my husband and kids yesterday.  They loaded me up with a stack of books to check out and they wandered off to browse more.  I finished checking out and went to find them.  I glanced to the right and walked toward my husband.

 I was just about to say, "Hey honey, ........ " when I happened to look a little closer and notice that yes the guy had on a yellow shirt like my husband but he was not my husband.  I quickly turned right to the next aisle.  I don't think he even saw me but, I was so embarrassed.  In my head I pictured myself casually walking up to this guy and putting my arm around him and then realizing it wasn't my husband. I would have had to run out of the library and never return!  All I could think was thank goodness, I looked just in time.  If I had been a step closer he surely would have noticed I was coming toward him.

It got me thinking about timing and how different a situation can be when the timing changes by even a fraction of a second. As a writer maybe I can use timing more effectively to create funny or tension filled scenes.  How do you use timing in your writing?

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Kathy  :)  

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  1. Hello, Kathy! I've had moments like this. It makes your heart skip a beat to think of the potential embarrassment, doesn't it? It'd probably be kind of funny, though!

    Timing is something to think about for my characters. Thanks for suggesting!

    Have a terrific week and happy A to Z!!

    1. A lucky escape there. I always cringe when I smile or wave at people I think I know, then it turns out to be someone else. They usually notice so I guess timing's against me!

      I've not really thought about it in my writing. I'll bear it in mind, thanks! :)

  2. Oh it can happen. Without the stopping in time, and there may have been some back-rubbing involved. And my husband may or may not have been standing right there talking to the air-conditioner sales rep at the time and he may or may not have been wearing a completely different colour shirt from my husband, and be ten years younger. And I may or may not have been 9 mths pregnant at the time. Not saying. Just saying it could happen.

  3. I've ALMOST done that many a time... which just goes to show that all men are pretty much the same when it comes down to it! It sounds as if Charmaine's incident went a little further than ours!