Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for "Cannaloupes"

I told my kids from the time they could speak that the word "can't" was not allowed in our house.  It was ok if they weren't good at something, but to say, "I can't," was giving up before they even tried.

I guess they learned the lesson well because one day when we were at the store, my son pointed and said, "Mom, let's get some cannaloupes."

"Oh you mean cantaloupes," I said.

He leaned closer to me from his seat in the cart and whispered, "Mom, you just said 'can't'. Those are called 'cannaloupes'".

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Have a charming "C" day!

Kathy :)


  1. What a cute story. It reminds me of the ones found in sections in Readers' Digest.

  2. Good point! It shows how a little mind works; things are more absolute when you are just starting out. . . and what Mom says goes.

    Following now. Nice to meet you.

  3. What a terrific story! Just stopping by on the A-Z, and glad I did, because I'm leaving here with a smile on my face. Happy A-Zing!

  4. Words are powerful, aren't they? Like magic, they help shape people's attitude and character. What a precious story of the conversation between you and Ryan!

  5. That's a positive post and I like "cannaloupes." :) Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you have great fun with the A-to-Z Challenge!

  6. Hehe, don't you love it when your words come back to bite you? :-)