Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Journey

J is for Journey

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” 
― Ernest Hemingway

Of course I know this, but I sometimes fall off the path. I get caught up in the little distractions and worries. I forget that those little things are exactly what makes my journey "mine".  I run around, rushing from place to place, to maximize my time.  Trying to get to the destination as quickly as possible.  The days are a blur and time slips from my grasp.  And then I awaken. Time slows and I breathe in the kaleidoscope of minute miracles surrounding me.  I am able to savor the journey once more.

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Birthday Wishes!

I also want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother-in-law, Reiko.  Her book, To America With Profound Gratitude, has just been released.  It tells the story of her remarkable journey from post-World War II Japan and escape from her abusive father to her life of freedom here in America.  

And I have to mention my daughters Jess and Alyssa whose middle name is Joy, and "Hi" to my sweetie Jesse! :)  Love you guys!

Hope your J-Day is filled with joy!

Kathy :)
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  1. Lots of great J words, and congrats to your mother in law.

    I'm with you on the journey - sometimes I need to remind myself to enjoy it!

  2. Time is precious - once gone you can't get it back. There are too many pressures on our time these days. We must stop and sit back once in a while. Great post. (Has your mother-in-law published in Kindle format?)

    1. Yes her book is available for Kindle or as a paperback.

  3. I also need to remind myself to stop and smell the roses. THe getting there is just as important as the destination.

  4. I'm in that bucket, too. Sometimes I look back and think the journey was more fun than reaching the goal.

  5. There are so many important little moments that we tend to overlook, but they can often be the most important ones. It's good to remind ourselves sometimes just how important they are! Congrats to your mother-in-law on her book!

  6. Happy birthday to your mother-in-law!
    My journey has certainly made me richer from all the awesome people I've met.

  7. I do forget how important it is to stop and smell the roses sometimes.
    Happy birthday to your MIL!

  8. Guess what?! I did Journey too! You've got to love the journey, whether you sometimes wander off the beaten track or not. I'm certainly no towering genius, but this discussion reminds me of an Abraham Lincoln quote: "Towering genius disdains a beaten path." It does support out-of-the-box creative thought! Pop on over to my blog, Catherine Stine's Idea City if you like!

  9. Nicely written post. Short and sweet!

    If you get lost on the journey it can be interesting finding another way back onto the path...

    Happy Birthday to Reiko and congrats on the book!

  10. Oh, wow, Kaffer, I wasn't expecting that!

    My journey in America has been enriched beyond measure when Jesse brought you home one day. You are the love of his life. And I loved you instantly!

    Thank you, EVERYONE, for your wonderful comments, too!

  11. And I'm on the journey....but in the back seat...looking out the window at the roses and trees. :)

  12. Great quote! I have to make sure I remember this too. :)