Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for Mom

 M is for Mom

Always there when needed
Unconditional love
Role model and inspiration
Confidante and friend

These are the words I think of when I think of my mom.  Those same words describe my mother-in-law.  I'm truly blessed having both of them as my mom.

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Kathy :)
Our moms with our girls in Macinac, Michigan

Thanks Sandie and Reiko for being moms to me and Jesse!  


Nancy Stewart said...

This is a lovely post, and I adored my mother-in-law as well. We're lucky!

If you've the time, come over to my blog. I'm the award winning author of the Bella and Britt series for kids.

Thanks for sharing.

Reiko said...

You make me the luckiest MIL in the world. I love you to infinity!

davidgmckendry said...

I feel like I'm intruding into the "Moms' Club" here but that was very well said. Nice job!

Heather M. Gardner said...

I love that!
Wonderful post.

Michelle Pickett said...

Excellent post. You are very blessed to have two great women in you life.

Nice work!
Michelle :)

Kelley Lynn said...

That is so wonderful. What a great post. :)

Dina Thanki said...

Mums are truly amazing!