Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Ask

Gramps teaching my son to fish

Gramps's 91 Years of Wisdom
This year, I had a terrible time trying to figure out what my A-Z theme would be.  I finally decided that this year, I would honor my beloved 91 year old grandfather, Paul Titus, or PT as his friends called him, who passed away on February 8th.  He lived a wonderfully full life and was always trying to challenge my brothers and me to think out of the box.  So for this challenge I thought I would share little bits of his wisdom that he tried to bestow upon us.  
But I also want to highlight the wonderful bloggers in this community who have published their books.  So everyday, I will give a quick  shout out to those works with titles beginning with the letter of the day.  


Gramps was always asking questions, sometimes to the embarrassment of me and my brothers.  Many times he would go up to complete strangers, especially if we were on vacation somewhere, and ask them about their home towns or countries.  If we happened across a Francophone he would intentionally speak a few French words with the worst accent ever, just so my brother and I would have to jump in and speak for him.  Gradually, I learned to be more comfortable speaking French and just engaging with people I didn’t know.  And now I have an insatiable desire to learn from others about the places they live and their unique cultures.  
Thanks Gramps for teaching me to always look for opportunities to Ask.  :)


Now for the shout out!

Here are all the A titles!

by Myne Whitman
 by Susan Kaye Quinn
by C. Lee McKenzie
by Milo James Fowler
by Ciara Knight

Check here for the A-Z Challenge website which has the linky list of all the participants. I'm having a heck of a time finding titles that begin with I,Q, X, and Z, so if any of you have a book out beginning with that letter please let me know! :)

Have a great first A-Z day!



  1. Hi Kathy,

    What a lovely theme honouring your grandfather and after 91 years I'm sure there was a lot of wisdom to share.

    I've read A Love REkindled and thoroughly enjoyed it. I will look up the other books as well.
    Good luck this month.

  2. I love that you are taking a full month to honor your grandfather! There is so much wisdom and humor to be learned from that generation, isn't there? Thank you for sharing some of his with us!

  3. Wonderful theme! And it sounds like you will have a good time with this. When you are done, you will have a nice piece to pass on to your children - a real treasure!

  4. Love it! What a great theme. I look forward to reading more of Gramps wisdom.

  5. What a terrific theme, and a great way to honor your grandfather.

    I'm sure having him talk to random people like that was embarrassing, it would've been to me too, but think of all the interesting people he met. I bet it was quite a few.

  6. I never really had a grandfather experience. One died when I was a toddler the other was in and out of a sanitorium having had a bad war experience. Your topic I think will be bittersweet for me but I'm looking forward to it.

  7. He probably learned a lot of fascinating things by asking!

  8. Your grandfather sounds like mine, a real hit. I'll make sure to come back and hear more about yours. I am sure it will prove enlightening. :)

  9. great post, i am sad though for you and your friends/family... you can learn so much from people, if we would just stop and listen...

    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host
    Oh No, Let's Go... Crazy

  10. I love this. I never understood people who were to embarrassed to ask questions. If I don't know something, I am going to ask. Great lesson to learn.

  11. Hey Kathy,

    What a wonderful idea for you A to Z posts. You're Gramps would be honoured. I shall defintely be checking out all your posts, it sounds like your Gramps was an interesting man to know :). You mentioned on your comment on my blog The Tales of Me that you use to watch Anne of Green Gable with him :)


  12. Sally- I'm glad you enjoyed A Love Rekindled. Good luck to you too!

    Louise-Yep that generation is a clever lot!

    Donna- Thx! It will be nice for the kids.

    Elisabeth- Thx! :)

    Suzi- He did meet a number of interesting characters.

    jp- I"m sorry you didn't get to enjoy a grandparent, my husband lost both of his early too.

    Alex- He did!

    Al- I hope you will get something out of it. :)

    Jeremy- Thanks, we miss him. But I feel I can keep his spirit alive by practicing what he taught me.

  13. What a beautiful way to pay tribute to your Grandfather! :)

  14. Grandfathers are pretty great that way. So many lessons to be taught and learned.

  15. Thanks for sharing my book! That is so sweet. :)
    It is so important to be open-minded and learn from others.

  16. Awesome A to Z theme and looking forward to hearing more about your grandfather!

  17. Grandpas and grandmas can be so embarrassing when we're young!!! However, the older we get the easier it is to see the wisdom and love they have :) Look forward to learning more about your grandfather!

  18. As a family historian, I appreciate the focus on your grandfather for your A to Z Challenge. But I also like that you are highlighting your fellow writers. Hopefully they'll attract an audience. Visiting from AtoZ.

  19. How lovely to make this a tribute! Come visit us at where we are doing an original poem every day for the A-Z challenge and to celebrate National Poetry Month!

  20. Such a wonderful start to the Challenge. I appreciate you recognizing the wisdom of your grandpa. Nice book selection too. Very cool!

  21. So sorry to hear about your Grandpa but he sounds like he was a great guy and a man who stops and asks! Now that's unique!

    Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain