Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Teach

PT’s 91 Years of Wisdom
This year, I had a terrible time trying to figure out what my A-Z theme would be.  I finally decided that this year, I would honor my beloved 91 year old grandfather, Paul Titus, or PT as his friends called him, who passed away on February 8th, 2013.  He lived a wonderfully full life and was always trying to challenge my brothers and me to think out of the box.  So for this challenge I thought I would share little bits of his wisdom that he tried to bestow upon us.  
But I also want to highlight the wonderful bloggers in this community who have published their books.  So everyday, I will give a quick  shout out to those works with titles beginning with the letter of the day.

Gramps teaching Ryan to drive the boat

When I look back at Gramps’s life one quality stands out; he was a teacher.  Not in the traditional school setting, but he was passionate about sharing his knowledge with others.  Often his teaching was subtle.  Many times he asked us grandkids to help him with his projects.  We learned how to build things without even knowing we were learning.  He spent a lot of time talking to us and encouraged us to think.  Like an ancient Roman philosopher, he didn’t tell us answers but guided us to ask our own questions and come up with our own solutions.  

Many of our lessons were simply by his example.  One time the septic tank at his cottage needed to be repaired, so he and my dad and my older brother dug it up.  They had to break up the old one so the new one could be installed... and oh did it smell!  I don’t know exactly what they were doing because I was a girl and therefore was saved from joining in on this disgusting task.  But I remember them standing in that pit working and cracking jokes the whole time.  Gramps could make the best out of even the crappiest of jobs.  

Occasionally,  his lessons taught us something that even he wasn’t expecting.  Like the time he and I found a little garter snake in our yard.  My grandma told him not to pick it up.  He bent down saying, “Oh these little guys don’t bite.”  He grabbed it and it’s tiny little head jerked back and bit his thumb.  A little trickle of blood ran down his hand.  “Ouch!” he yelled.  I learned that though garter snakes may not be deadly, they certainly can bite...and maybe I can’t trust everything Gramps says.

Now for the "T" shout outs!

Clarissa Draper
Reiko McKendry

Jessica Bell

Have a terrific "T" day.  Visit the other A-Zers here.

Kathy :)


  1. This is the 2nd A - Z post on Teaching, and appropriately so: they should be acknowledged as important role players in society. And you're a Figure Skating Coach - wow! I love watching figure skating. That's so cool. -Belinda.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I think you have a fantastic theme. What a way to honour your grandfather. He sounds like a wonderful teacher.

  3. Great shout outs today!
    Ever tried to pick up a snake since then?

  4. It's amazing all the things we can learn from our grandparents. It sounds like yours taught you a lot :)

  5. Teaching by example is usually the best way to learn and most times your grandfather made it enjoyable as well.