Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kreativity!

PT’s 91 Years of Wisdom
This year, I had a terrible time trying to figure out what my A-Z theme would be.  I finally decided that this year, I would honor my beloved 91 year old grandfather, Paul Titus, or PT as his friends called him, who passed away on February 8th.  He lived a wonderfully full life and was always trying to challenge my brothers and me to think out of the box.  So for this challenge I thought I would share little bits of his wisdom that he tried to bestow upon us.  
But I also want to highlight the wonderful bloggers in this community who have published their books.  So everyday, I will give a quick  shout out to those works with titles beginning with the letter of the day.  
Gramps taking me and my girls fishing

Gramps was always bursting with creativity.  He came up with all sorts of little contraptions to make chores easier.  He even designed his own leaf shredder out of an old mower and various other parts he had lying around the garage.  He hated spending money on something he could make himself.  
My favorite of his creations was our fishing song.  I must have been about eight.  He and I sat in his little turquoise fishing boat.  As usual, I wore my red life jacket and my hair was up in pigtails.  I sat patiently waiting for a fish to strike and pull my bobber under the water.  Gramps rowed the boat and held his pole at the same time.  I asked him why we didn’t have a motor like all the other fishermen, but he said, real fishermen don’t use motors.  So I stared and stared at that red and white bobber again.  Pretty soon, I noticed it sinking.  My heart raced and I clutched my pole.   I jerked it back hard and I wound in my catch...a big long piece of slimy seaweed. “Eww, yuck!” I said disappointed.  “I only catch seaweed.”
“We could put it on a salad,” Gramps said.
Then Gramps had an idea.  “Maybe we have to trick the fish into biting.  Let’s sing them a song.”  In a sing-songy voice he began, “We don’t want the fishies, we just want the salad.”  I joined in.  We sang a couple rounds and then to my surprise, I caught a fish.  The song worked!  After that, he and I sang that song every time we went fishing... until I got a little older.   


Now for the "K" title shout outs!

Isis Rushdan
Jennifer Shirk

Have a kool and kreative "K" day!  Click here to check out all the other A-Zers!

Kathy :)


  1. Cute!
    Motors scare the fish, so he was smart there.

  2. Oh, come on. One m,ore time. Sounds like a fun song to sing.

  3. The singing sounded like a great idea - though seaweed is supposed to be filled with lots of vitamins and minerals! you really had some fun times with your Grandpa. I have listed your blog in my K post today, blessings for your weekend.

    Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
    Art Blog

  4. That's a lovely memory. He sounds like an amazing grandpa.

  5. I used to love to go fishing with my grandfather (the only time I got to go and actually fish); I've never really had any desire to go again since he died.

  6. The only time I ever caught fish was at the coast. (We fished for flounder.) Maybe I should've been singing.

  7. Who needs worms when you can just sing!! :)