Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Competitive and IWSG

My brother, Mom, me, and Gramps on his 90th

This is a combined post for the A-Z Challenge and Alex's Insecure Writer's Support Group, which he founded as a way for us to share our hopes and fears with each other and to give one another support.  

Gramps's 91 Years of Wisdom
One day when I was about 16, Gramps and I were outside playing badminton together.  In one volley, he slammed the birdie over the net and I missed it.  “Is the game too fast for ya?” He taunted and danced around his side of the yard.  I burst out laughing.  Here he was 51 years my elder and he was trying to get me off my game!  I have to confess it did annoy me a little because I really wanted to beat him.
Badminton wasn’t the only thing we “competed” at. We also had diving contests to see who could jump off the dock and into the lake with the most spectacular form; we challenged each other to see who could name the most fish in the lake or who could make up the strangest words, like Sikimazaahh.  On all our crazy contests against one another he returned to that phrase anytime he thought his execution was better than mine. “Is the game to fast for ya?”, he would say with a smile in his eyes.
He made it clear that he wasn’t going to let me win just because I was his granddaughter.  I had to work for it and I enjoyed every minute of it.  

I still enjoy competing and of course winning, but winning the writing game is a whole new kind of game.  There is so much competition out there and many times I feel inadequate compared to other authors.  I’m not sure I know how to make my novels win the attention of the readers. 

 I write because aside from gliding across an icy surface with frosty wind blowing through my hair, writing is the one place where my soul can soar.  But is the game too fast for me?


Now the "C" title shout outs!

by Alex J. Cavanaugh, and CassaStorm is coming in Sept!

Tyrean Martinson

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Have you read any of these? What was your "C" word for today? How is your writing game?

Have a cheerful "C" day! 

Kathy :)


  1. What a wonderful grandfather!

  2. You have to take the game at your own pace, don't get too caught up on what others are doing. You'll get there! Your grandpa sounds amazing. What a great tribute to dedicate your Challenge to him.

  3. It's great to be competitive, writing is a lonely sport.

  4. I actually try to think of my writing as yoga.

    I want people to enjoy it, yes, but trying to compete with millions of people I don't know would drive me mad. :-)

  5. it's a great story, i think the thoughts of winning was being able to play with him... no matter of the outcome.

    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host
    Oh No, Let's Go... Crazy

  6. I think it's awesome that your grandpa wouldn't let you win. Mine wouldn't either. and we kept a tally, so there was no mistaking where we stood with each other in our arena (Gin Rummy).

  7. Great post. I love to hear stories of older people having so much energy. I wish this were the same for my parents. Perhaps when I get them moved to Salt Lake City, their health shall improve.

  8. I sometimes feel the game is too fast for me. But there are days where I feel like I slam the birdie. ;) Kudos to gramps for not letting you win! Sounds like a fun guy. :D

  9. Your grandfather did you a favor by not letting you win. It's neat where we can find life lessons :)

  10. I'm beginning to love your Gramps already. He was right to make you work for it and not let you win.

    You're right about the writing competition being a whole 'nother thing.

    I like Misha's take on it.

    C is for: Chocolate (and other things)

  11. There's nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition. Your grandpa taught you a valuable lesson.. he sounds wonderful!!
    What a great collection of C books!
    Happy A to Z'ing!

  12. What a great theme you have chosen! I will be back! My C today is for Careless Whisper (to go with my angsty 80's songs theme...not quite as inspirational as yours) :)

  13. Oh wow, thanks for featuring my books!
    Your grandfather taught you a valuable lesson doing that.
    That is the one thing that is so different about writing - it's only a competition against ourselves, to be the best WE can be. So don't worry about measuring up to others - how do you measure up to you?

  14. Thanks for sharing.

    And badminton is a HARD sport. I'm a tennis player, and my skills are of no help playing badminton.

  15. Our family is just like that. Everyone is so competitive. I too worry that I'm not as good as the competition in writing, but it doesn't stop me from trying.

  16. Hi Kathy! New follower.
    Wow, what a powerful story. Sounds like your grandpa had a long and good life. You're so lucky to have had all that time with him! I'm sorry he passed away. :(

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