Friday, April 29, 2016

Y Cleveland?

Cleveland is Cooler Than You Think!
All over the media, in tv and movies, Cleveland gets made fun of. In this year's A-Z Challenge, I'm here to show you everything Cleveland has to offer!

Y Cleveland?

Lester, the hot dog vendor on 9th street
We've lived in the Cleveland area for almost 10 years now.
But one long weekend last August we decided to take a vacation in Cleveland. We wanted to be able to explore our adopted city like a tourist, not having to rush back home at the end of the day.

We stayed in a hotel right off 4th street. We went to an Indians game and a musical at Playhouse Square. The girls and I went to the One Direction concert, the boys refused and went to the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame next door. We visited the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank, the shops at Tower City, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, and just sat at the banks of Lake Erie and watched the waves roll in.

Best of all we met Lester. We were all walking down 9th street when a hot dog vendor saw Ryan and seemed to think he was the coolest kid dressed in his leather jacket, Cleveland hat, and shades. We stopped and talked for a while and he gave Ryan advice on life and a huge handful of candy. Ryan felt he'd made a friend and the next day he and my husband went back to Lester and enjoyed "One of the best hot dogs ever!", in Ryan's words.

To us, Lester represents a kind of Zen spirit of Cleveland. Despite heartbreaking sports losses and less than perfect weather, it's a happiness to be right here in the moment, to be friendly and kind and enjoy the people who cross our paths, to touch other's lives in unexpected ways.

We had a wonderful time and didn't want to head back home when the weekend was over. We were all glad that Cleveland is only a 45 min drive from our house.

So Y Cleveland? 

Because it is unexpected. It is culture, beauty, cuisine and fun all hidden in a city that no one expects to be anything special. That's exactly what makes it so perfect.

Doggy Style (It's really not what you think!)

My three kids have taken up the habit of naming all the different positions our beagle Rory gets himself into.  Most of the time even I can't quite figure out why they chose the names they did but I thought it might put a smile on everyone's face to share in this silliness!

Y is for Yoda

One day more of the Challenge, there is.

Today is Friday!  Yay!  Have you ever taken a vacation to your own city?  How has the Challenge been for you?  Have you ever taken a vacation to your own city?

Kathy :)


  1. Cleveland is a neat city. I've only been there a few times, but I've enjoyed the stay each time. Fun at the Indians game. Fun at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Fun at the lake. Fun just walking around.

  2. Beautiful snapshot of Rory. I had to laugh. Also, thanks for the time and effort you took on presenting Cleveland. My opinions of the city have changed because of it.

    Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

  3. Stacy- We love it!

    Pat- Thanks for stopping by so much! I'm glad I helped change your opinion of Cleveland!

  4. I don't live in a city and 'town' for me is give minutes away. I would love to spend a week in Boston though, which is the closest big city. I've been there on day trips but a week would give me so much more time to explore. That's cool you got to know your city :)

  5. I've been to the rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland.

    People are always knocking some place else. Sometimes the stories are true. Most of the time it is one moment in time and the other times are great. Older towns get a bad rap.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Mike- Thanks!

    mshatch- Boston is cool!

    Ann- You're so right about that! Any place can have a bad day!

    Patrick- It is! :)