Sunday, April 17, 2016

M is for Museums and N is for Nasa

Cleveland is Cooler Than You Think!
All over the media, in tv and movies, Cleveland gets made fun of. In this year's A-Z Challenge, I'm here to show you everything Cleveland has to offer!

This has been a crazy week so I'm going to post M & N together and make them short!

M is for Museums

Ryan in front of the art museum

Cleveland is lucky to have wonderful museums.  The Cleveland Museum of Art is internationally renowned for its Egyptian and Asian art and has over 500,000 visitors annually, making it one of the most visited in the world.

They also have a great selection of medieval weapons and armor which is my son's favorite area.

Cast of Lucy (photo: Wikipedia)

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History houses more than 4 million specimens of anthropology, zoology, paleontology and other scientific subjects.  The museum also has a great planetarium and displays on the solar system.

Great Lakes Science Center (photo: Wikipedia)

The Great Lakes Science Center is an excellent science museum on the shores of Lake Erie that holds a number of permanent exhibits and some special exhibits that travel around the country.  They also have an OmniMax Theatre showing a variety of science movies.

The Science Center is also the new home of the:

Nasa Glenn Visitor Center 
Skylab 3 Apollo Command Module (photo: Wikipedia)
The Nasa Glenn Visitor Center used to be part of the Nasa Glenn Research Center . The Research Center, located right next to the Cleveland International Airport is devoted to developing new science and technology for aeronautics and space exploration.  The Visitor's Center is a fun museum that houses some great space artifacts and interactive exhibits. They also bring in guest speakers from the Research Center to give presentations.


Doggy Style (It's really not what you think!)

My three kids have taken up the habit of naming all the different positions our beagle Rory gets himself into.  Most of the time even I can't quite figure out why they chose the names they did but I thought it might put a smile on everyone's face to share in this silliness!

M is for Mother Hen
This is a very rare pose, we're lucky that we captured it on film!

N is for Ninja Pup

Have a wonderful weekend!  

Kathy :)


  1. I approve of the Ninja pup!
    Never had the opportunity to visit any of those places.

  2. We have a wonderful museum in Berlin that house Egyptian Art and Sculptures also. I have had the opportunity to visit it and was amazed at how advance the Egyptian Culture was in many ways.

    Also like the pics of Rory. I believe he feels like the king of your family and that is a good feeling for a dog to have.

    Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange