Monday, April 18, 2016

O is for Orchestra

Cleveland is Cooler Than You Think!
All over the media, in tv and movies, Cleveland gets made fun of. In this year's A-Z Challenge, I'm here to show you everything Cleveland has to offer!

O is for Orchestra
Severance Hall (photo: Wikipedia)
The Cleveland Orchestra, founded in 1918 is one of the top orchestras in the nation as well as the world.  

The orchestra plays at their home venue, Severance Hall, the outdoor theater Blossom Music Center in the summer, as well as touring the United States and Europe for special appearances.  

They also have a number of programs for school aged children to come in and be exposed to music and instruments that maybe they've never had a chance to see or hear before. They've also instituted an "Under 18s Free" program which has increased the number of concertgoers under the age of 25 to 20%.

We don't get the chance to see them perform often enough but whether we are enjoying a concert at Severance Hall or outside at the Blossom Center, it is always a wonderful evening of fun and exceptional music!

About to see Beethoven's Emperor 

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Doggy Style (It's really not what you think!)

My three kids have taken up the habit of naming all the different positions our beagle Rory gets himself into.  Most of the time even I can't quite figure out why they chose the names they did but I thought it might put a smile on everyone's face to share in this silliness!

O is for Oiii! (or Ohhh mah Goodnesshhhhh)

This is what we exclaim at his cuteness!  For some reason we say it in heavily accented English, we just can't seem to help ourselves. 

Rory at 4 months old! :)

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  1. He's cute - you can't help it.
    That's cool they let kids in for free.

  2. I love music and cute dogs... today you won my heart, imagine that... :)

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