Thursday, May 19, 2011

Online Images

I like pictures.  I think they can really spice up a blog, but as I've been reading about blogging and writing in general I've come across a number of different sources that warn against using other people's pictures.  Originally, I assumed that if pictures are on the web anyone could use them but that is not the case.  Just like in traditional publishing, you must get permission to use the images.  Often it takes a simple email asking for permission and a link to the person's website. Luckily there are lots of free pictures which can be found by searching for "public domain images".   My solution:  I keep my camera handy and snap a quick picture of anything I think is  bloggable.  I'm not a photographer so my pics aren't always the best, but at least I know I'm safe.  Check out the article by Brian Klems on  Writer' to read more about using pictures from the web.

Happy Blogging!



  1. I always worry about using pictures off the web too and so I've started carrying a digital camera around with me. It means that my bag is even heavier than ever and that people often think I'm a tourist or I'm being nosy but I've got some lovely ideas stashed away in my Pictures file and it starts to become a habit.

  2. I'm really wary now about using pics from other sources. Did you know that Blogger can take your blog down if someone complains to them about copyright infringement? Scary.

  3. @ Talli Roland: I didn't know they could take your blog down, that's pretty scary. I try to be as careful as possible, I'm going to be even more so now!

  4. i have heard it both ways.
    pictures and words posted on the web are public domain, they are owned by the poster but can be copied and reposted as long as it isnt for profit.
    a courteous thing to do is get permission or at least name the source.
    until someone gets legal and internet rules are formalized we are on honor system

    i could be wrong...?

  5. Your way is the right way to go! I'm a madly crazed photographer and I don't even bother mentioning it on my blog because I figure those who will take them just will. Just like with writing you'll get better with practice and it is way fun!~

  6. @ Rosalind- Luckily I have a small point and shoot digital camera that I can fit in my pocket. I take it everywhere now. There is always a bloggy moment to be found!

    @ Talli- Me too. It's more fun to take your own pics anyway. It is scary that your blog can just disappear!

    @ Christine- It sure would be a major bummer to lose all our hard work!

    @Tara- I don't think it matters if you are profiting or not but I'm no legal expert either. I would rather be safe than sorry though.

    @ Jan- Thanks for the encouragement!

    Thanks for all the comments!