Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Mountain to Move

Mountain of Mulch
In the spring I am always anxious to get out and work in my garden.   So I was excited last week to have our mulch delivered.  But thirteen yards of  mulch looks like a mountain in your driveway.  Then it dawned on me that because my husband is still recovering from knee surgery, I have to move the mountain on my own. But the other day my son wanted to help.  He got out his little snow shovel, his rake and his wheelbarrow.  He tried to get big scoops but because of all the recent rain it was quite heavy.  He wanted to give up and stomp back inside.  Then he had an idea.  He decided to climb on top of the pile and rake the mulch into the shovel.  He proudly showed me how it worked.  He jumped down and began to lift his load.  It took all his strength to lift the load to the rim of the wheelbarrow.  He carefully dumped it in.  The beads of perspiration were just beginning to form on his brow as he glanced back at the mountain and asked me, "Mom do we have to move all this?"  
"Yes. But not tonight."  A look of relief briefly passed over his face, and he went back to work.  

About an hour passed and the sky began to darken and he decided we had done enough for the night.  He went in, took off his coat and shoes and said to my husband, "That was a fantastic day in the garden, I can't wait to do it again!"

It's funny how the mountain didn't seem daunting when he found out we could move it in pieces.


Good luck moving your mountains this week!



  1. and thats how we should approach life, right?
    or at least writing!
    nice to see some work ethic in the young =)

  2. I agree with Tara! Although - I'd apply it to editing rather writing. Glad you son found a way to work it out ~ :)

  3. I bet that wonderful son Ryan will continue to amaze you all his life. We might find that he has inherited from his mom and great-grandfather the joy in working outdoors and making a big difference. I'm so proud of him and his mom's determination. Love, Mom