Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chocolate Isn't Always Good

The kids and I were craving something special tonight so we decided to make cookies.  My son wanted double chocolate chunk cookies.  I found a yummy looking recipe on FoodNetwork from Ina Garten.  We only changed her white chocolate chunks into dark chocolate chips (I don't consider white chocolate to be real chocolate!)  As usual the kids sampled a few clumps of brown sugar.  I handed Ryan the measuring cup full of cocoa powder.  I turned away to get another ingredient prepared.  He must have stared wide eyed at the rich chocolate in front of him and been tempted beyond control.  The next moment he was sputtering and trying to spit something out.  A faint line of powdered chocolate rimmed his lips.  He tried a whole spoonful.   I guess he didn't believe me when I told him it was bitter.  He had to try it for himself.   
We finished mixing the batter and Ryan dropped large spoonfuls onto the pan. He watched them transform from a misshapen glob into beautiful deep brown chewy cookie.  As soon as they were cooled he couldn't eat them fast enough.  Sometimes bitter makes the cookies even sweeter.


3 Munchkins crunching cookies
Ryan focused on the batter
Focused on eating!

I also want to say a big Thank You to Elizabeth Mueller for the great A-Z Challenge award! Head on over and check out her blog too!


  1. sounds yummy!
    when i want to do something like that i never have all the ingredients!

  2. Funny I should read this now, while I'm eating a large chocolate bar! :-)Cute pictures.

  3. I love that last line ~ it has ramifications into all aspects of life, doesn't it?

    And yep, white chocolate does NOT count as REAL chocolate to me, either!

  4. Tara- I always have to have chocolate on hand! I'm a total chocoholic!

    Sylvia- That's serendipity for ya.

    Ali-I'm not sure why they even call it chocolate if it's white, I don't think it has cocoa in it!