Friday, May 6, 2011

Close to Home

Backyard Beauty

There are times when I want to drop everything and escape to some far off tropical paradise surrounded by lush landscapes.  Unfortunately this isn't always a feasible option.  But some days I am lucky.  Some days I can step right outside my door and let my eyes feast on the beauty closer to home.  If I look hard enough I can always find it.  It's been there the all along, I just never took the time to appreciate it.  I wonder, if I lived in paradise would I miss out on that too?

Simply Green

Fabulous Fungi


  1. That shroom is awesome!! I agree, I try to spend time outside everyday, just enjoying nature. It's good for the soul.

  2. that is a great fungus!
    and i've never seen flowers like that (or just never really looked)
    have a nice weekend in your glorious backyard paradise =)

  3. I think most of us live in a kind of paradise, comfortable, lots of food, but you're so right when you say that we don't see it. We ought to open our eyes more widely.

  4. PK- Aren't mushrooms cool?! I always feel revived after spending time outside, it also makes me feel like writing.

    Tara- Those are called Bleeding Hearts. I guess they are native to Eastern Asia. They have beautiful little heart shaped flowers for about a week or two.

    Rosalind- I think sometimes we don't make time to see what is around us. We are so busy trying to get through the day.