Monday, May 16, 2011

Ice Cream for Two

We had a great time on our little vacation!  We spent lots of time at the pool with the kids.  I even went on some of the water slides with them!  We also had some wonderful meals.  My favorite was from a little Ethiopian restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin called Buraka.  We ate family style with all our entrees coming on one large platter.  There were meat curries, lentils and vegetables atop a bed of Injera.  Made from teff flour, an Ethiopian grain, Injera is a flat spongy bread which is torn and used to scoop the savory dishes to your eagerly awaiting taste buds.  Like a pack of hungry hyenas, we quickly devoured everything.  Even Ryan, our pickiest eater, found enough to fill his belly.  We skipped dessert at the restaurant, only to find ourselves walking past an ice cream parlor on the way back to the hotel.  The kids each got their own, but my husband and I decided to be good and split one.  The only problem was he couldn't decide between 2 flavors...  he got both.  So we split 2 scoops instead of each getting our own.  For some reason we still felt healthier knowing we were "splitting".  Then because the kids were stuffed from dinner, we got stuck finishing theirs as well.  So instead of eating half an ice cream we both ended up eating 1 1/2.  Somehow that wasn't the outcome I had expected!  But it sure was yummy!


By the way it is good to be back to the blogosphere again!   :)         

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  1. Those dishes sound delicious. I've never heard of Injera before but that sounds good too. And ice cream as well! What a feast ;-)