Monday, May 23, 2011

A New Home for Our Books

Books Needing a New Home
We love books.  We love books so much that we ran out of bookshelves to put them in.  We have double rows on some shelves.  We even have a small stack or two on the floor.  Finally, both my husband and I got fed up with the clutter.  He suggested we go through all our books and donate anything we didn't want to read a second time.
We got right to work.  I couldn't believe how many old out, of date books we had that weren't relevant anymore, like a Writer's Market from 1999!  It was kind of fun to search through all the old titles I had read.  There were textbooks from college, baby books, travel books, writing books, skating books, novels and histories.  It was like traveling back in time to the person I was when I read them.   I also found a few treasures that I forgot I had and have never read.  All in all we collected about 100 books that we don't need.  Our local library happily accepts books in good condition so we handed them off to a new owner who will give them more attention than we did.

It feels surprisingly good to get them off our shelves and out of our house.  It's liberating to have less in our house.  This week we are going through all our old magazines which I have stashed in a cupboard. I can't wait to see what I find in there!



  1. We give away almost all of our books to Friends of the Library. Why let them collect dust on the shelves? Give them away I say to help other people.

  2. I weeded out a bunch of my books last year, including some signed by the author, and gave them away through my blog. It was a lot of fun, drew some new readers to my blog, and introduced the winners to some Colorado authors they might never have discovered otherwise.

  3. Getting rid of extra stuff is SO liberating! Even books!

  4. @ Stephen- It seems the more I find to give away, the better I feel.

    @ Patricia- That's a great idea! I might just do that. Thanks.

    @ Ali- It does feel good to get rid of clutter!