Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Claw

The room was quiet.  The still night air carried none of it's usual sounds.  No crickets. No animals scurrying in the forest outside.  It was too quiet.  I was too exhausted to notice and I collapsed into bed.  My husband was already drifting into the world of dreams before me.  I reached over to turn off the light. Then I saw it.  It came out of no where.  My heart quickened.  It was right above me.  I could only see it's shadow.  But its two fingers ominously reached toward us.
"What is it? Where is it coming from?"  I screamed.
My husband woke with a start.  "It's THE CLAW and it's moving closer!"
"What do we do?"  We huddled tight.  I had an idea. What if it didn't work?  We had nothing to lose........

Ok this isn't my latest WIP, it really happened last night.  Well maybe not with the screaming, but there was this ghoulish shadow on my ceiling that looked like a clawed hand reaching for us. It creeped me out. Even though I knew it was nothing, I scanned the room. Where was it coming from?  When my husband playfully said, "It's moving!",  I huddled next to him and then jumped up and turned the light on.   There it was.  The  handle of the vacuum cleaner was casting the long hand-like shadow.  I couldn't sleep with it looming above me. I had to move it into the hallway.  Then my husband said, "What if we wake up and it's back in our room?!"



  1. ha ha ha!
    loved the intro, i thot it was your husband's hand at first =)

  2. THE CLAW!

    That sounds very scary indeed. I know what I'll be watching for in the dark tonight.

  3. No! How can I go to bed knowing that household appliances lurk in the dark... with claws? ;)

  4. Thanks ladies! I know it was goofy, but it was fun to write. I've never actually written a thriller type scene (ok it probably wasn't all that thrilling) lol. :)