Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nothin Like A Sister

Sisters watching a sunset

I always wanted a sister.  I ended up with two brothers.  They are wonderful brothers, I couldn't have better.  In fact, in addition to calling our Mom for Mother's Day, one of them calls me too. But as a teenager I craved the closeness of a sister.  There are certain things you just can't talk about with a brother.  I managed to survive high school and dating with a couple close best friends but I had a feeling it wasn't quite the same.

Then I had daughters two years apart.  Almost from the time my second daughter was born they were best friends. They did everything together.  Jessica took care of Alyssa and Alyssa looked up to her older sis.  Now as teens they seem to have grown even closer.  Of course they don't "play" like they used to and some days emotions are high and clashes occur, but at the end of the day they always have each other to share their silly inside jokes.  They are still inseparable.  They play music together, skate together, laugh together, and by their own choice still share a room.  When one is gone the other is not the same.
Hugs for a new sis

I love that I'm a part of their special relationship.  I still don't have sisters but somehow their sisterly bond is enough and I realize that what my brothers and I had was just as special.  A part of me is missing when they are not around.

"My sister will always be my best friend!"  by Alyssa

"A sister is someone who you can count on to keep your countless secrets... most of the time." by Jessica

Sisters in the snow


I also want to thank Ali for mentioning me in her post "the bitter and the sweet".  Check out her little writing ninjas they are great!

Thanks Ali you're awesome!:)



  1. What lovely sentiments and how lucky they are to have such a close relationship! I'd love to have a sister, too.

  2. Me too! I always wanted a sister for the same reason. Instead I got two brothers. But thankfully I also got a daughter. :)

  3. you always want what you don't have...straight hair? wants curly and vice versa. I have one sis and would've liked to have a bro. We are super close now (except for the miles) but we weren't growing up, polar opposites, fought like crazy! Now I wish we lived closer. se la vie

  4. What a lovely post. I have a sister, even the twelve year age difference can't spoil our sisterly relationship :)

  5. @ Talli- Thanks. I'm lucky to have them as daughters.

    @ PK- I'm hoping when they are in their twenties they will adopt me as their "older sis" :)

    @ Tara- You're right! I always wanted curly hair too. I guess it's hard to see what is right in front of us.

    @ Elaine- Thanks. Isn't it great that age doesn't matter when you truly love someone.:)