Sunday, September 18, 2011

Awards Yeah!

Wow, I can't believe I got two awards this week!  Yeah!  Thanks to Mary at Waibel World and Pk-Hrezo for bestowing the Leibster Award on me!

This is awarded to bloggers with less than 200 followers and then passed on to 5 other blogger friends.
Here is the list of my awesome buddies:

Angela from Cheerios and Pearls Stories
Stacy from Stacy S Jensen
Abby from Something to Write About
Laila from Untroubled Kingdom of Laila Knight
Alyssa from Life Is Good

I also was given the Versatile Blogger Award by Carla over at Carla's Writing World.  Woo Hoo!
I'm supposed to tell you 7 facts about me.

1. I love trying to cook new and exotic ethnic dishes (no they don't always work out)
2. I cry in almost every movie I see, even in animated ones
3. I got married on the ice.
4. I've lived in 7 different states of America and we're about to add #8
5. I have an overly aggressive fear of sharks (saw Jaws as a kid and I imagined fins in every body of water even pools!)
6. My son says I'm terrible at video games
7. I eat the same thing for breakfast every day:  oatmeal, blueberries and pecans and a cup of hot tea- sounds boring I know but I love it that way! :)

I'm passing this one to :

M Pax  over at Wistful Nebulae
Shallee at Shallee McArthur
Lynda at W.I. P It



  1. Sorry to hear about the shark thing. I have an issue with vampires while sleeping (an issue that arose as a kid after watching a movie). It's fun to get to know everyone better. Thanks for the award and I'll check out the links.

  2. you got married on ice? Now that sounds like a cool story (pun intended). ;)

    Congrats on your awards, and thanks so much for passing the Versatile award on :)

  3. How fun! You are rockin' the awards! Congratulations! AND... thanks for sharing one with me! I love awards. I will be sure to pass it on this week. Thanks a bunch!

  4. I share number 1, 5, and 6 from your random facts :-) How funny! As for breakfast, I often (but not exactly every day) eat a mix of 4 to 6 different gluten-free cereals with almond milk. Sometimes I add banana slices, blueberries or strawberries too!

    Thank you for much for the Liebster Blog award. I'm so honored. This is the second time I'm awarded it :-) You totally made my day!

  5. I cry at everything too. It used to really embarrass me but now I just don't care :-)

  6. Thank you for the award! You're so sweet.

    I'm terrible at video games too. My hubby tries to get me to play, but I'm just no good at them.

  7. Congrats on the awards. Mr A has toast and marmalade every morning for breakfast. Yours sounds far healthier to me!

  8. Thank you for the award. :) Congrats on all of yours.

    Video games aren't my thing either.

  9. The shark fear is so funny because I also worry about sharks when we're swimming in the the beach I start to cringe when people go in past their waist! Seriously!

  10. I'm so behind Kathy. The post mentioning this award will be posted on Monday. Thanks for the link love.