Friday, September 9, 2011

Greedy squirrel

Greedy Squirrel eating all the bird seed.

I had a nice lunch with the kids at Panera Bread. They were on their way out the door. My left hand balanced Alyssa's left-over bread and my cup of water. My right hand held keys and Ryan's iced tea.
Everything was going well.

Then, I sensed a free sample of icing drizzeled bread approaching. Must try free bread, my inner animal brain thought.  I rebalanced the items, reached for the bread and put into mouth. Hmmmmmmm. A server moved in front of me and I altered my course.  The water cup shifted.....Ooooooh nooooooooo can ....not...catch
Water spills onto floor. Server gives me evil eye. My mouth, filled with free bread, attempts to say "Sorry". She mutters curses under her breath as she sees me walk out. I call the kids back for assistance and rush back in. I grab napkins and wipe it up but the server never sees.

She sees me only as the greedy squirrel I am.


Have a great weekend!
We're going to competition this weekend.  Wish us luck!


  1. And I bet you wanted to run and find her and tell her you cleaned up!

    Still, free bread... :-)

  2. ha ha! probably happens to her all day giving out scrumptious nuts, i mean free drizzled bread! love panera!

    ps, your recipe is up =)

  3. Sarah- The free bread was worth it!:)

    Tara- lol!

    OMG Thanks! I can't believe I won. That's awesome! :)

  4. ~yay!~

    I suppose that's why it's called human 'nature,' because all of nature behaves the same way! :)

    loved this post.

  5. Greedy squirrel, lol! At least it made a great story!

    Good luck this weekend!