Friday, September 30, 2011

On the Road!

We are somewhere in Indiana surrounded by golden corn fields on either side of the great concrete trail West. We had planned on leaving early this morning, but somehow the final house cleaning took longer than expected. I think it is the cleanest it's been since we moved in! Funny how we put off so many little chores because we didn't have time. We only finally get to those projects as we are about to sell it, but we never get to enjoy it. I hope in Seattle, we mak a priority to take care of those items as soon as they arise. I guess being forced out of my routine will give me the chance to reassess my priorities. For the next few days on our travels West, I will keep you posted on our progress but I'm going to try to concentrate on visiting all of your blogs. Yeah!


  1. Have a safe and happy trip west. :)

  2. We spent ten years remodeling our house in FL, only to sell it when we finished. Couldn't enjoy our handiwork. But, oh, how God blessed us in NC ~ with a brand new house. Praying for those blessings for you, Kathy, and safe travels.

  3. and you couldnt stay away, aww!
    no blogging while driving!
    hav a safe trip =)