Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Come Celebrate!

Today is Tara Tyler's blogaversary and she is celebrating!  In honor of this momentous occasion, she his having a blogfest where everyone brings their favorite recipe!  Yeah food!  So pop over to her blog and check out the festivities.  She's even giving out prizes.

Here is one of my favorite quick and easy recipes.  The kids and their friends love it and it can be modified easily for more adult tastes.

Quick Bean and Cheese Quesadillas:

Flour tortillas
Shredded Mexican cheese
1 can of fat free refried beans
chopped baby spinach (optional)
2 cloves garlic chopped (optional)
1/4 cup red onion slices (optional)

Spread a thin layer of refried beans onto one tortilla.  Lay preferred toppings on top of beans.  Here you can be really creative.  I usually use any veggies I have laying around but my favorites are spinach, garlic, and onion.  You could also use chopped cooked chicken.  Then sprinkle on your desired amount of cheese and lay a second tortilla on top.  Heat a nonstick frying pan to medium but don't put any oil in the pan. Lay quesadilla in pan.  When first side is browned carefully flip and cook until other side is browned as well.
Remove from pan and let cool for a minute or two.  Then cut with a pizza cutter and serve with salsa and sour cream/plain yogurt and enjoy!



  1. Hi Kathy - fellow campaigner here to say hi and follow! We are both in the Picture Book group - yay! What are you working on? I see a lot of YA (something I am working on but not there yet!!!) but do you also write PBs? Looking forward to getting to know you through the campaign!

  2. Sounds good. Can never go wrong with melted cheese!
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Ooh, good for parties or a snack. :)

  4. yummy quesadillas!
    carefully flip, this is where my problem lies. i leave the flipping to the professionals! and competent friends like you!
    thanks for the recipe!

  5. Mmmm...I'll totally try this! I love "fancy" quesadillas!


  6. ooooo, these are my faves!! I'm loving Tara's party!!! :D

  7. We do quesadilla a lot, but never thought to add spinach. I can't wait to give these a try. Tara sure is have a great party :)

  8. Hello from a fellow campaigner and new follower! I know Tara too! (ok, I know her through the blogiverse.) The recipe looks yummy. I have to figure out which one I am going to share. :)

  9. Kathy,
    Hellow from another fellow campaigner. We're in the same PB group. Looking forward to getting to know you.


  10. Looks like a tasty snack ... you know the in-between-meals nibbly thingies that you look for ...?

  11. Thank you for this! I can't wait to try out this recipe--it looks yum. : )

  12. Oh, I love Mexican food. That just looks delicious. Thanks. :)

  13. Looks delicious! I think that we have quite the party going on with all this melted cheese and gooey chocolate traveling around over at Tara's linky-link.

    Thanks for sharing. Yum!

  14. your recipe won 1st place!!
    i'll be displaying it tomorrow =)