Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sparkfest Continued!

Today's question for the Sparkfest sponsored by Christine Tyler is:

What book/author inspired your current WIP?

It's funny how some things we read stick with us our whole lives.  There are a few books which will never leave my mind and will probably influence almost everything I write.

Way back in 1990, when Clan of the Cave Bear was popular,  I found  Mother Earth Father Sky, by Sue Harrison.  It told the story of a young Inuit girl who lost her entire tribe to a rival group.  She must trek across the frozen landscape to find her place in an ancient world.
I was riveted by Harrison's description of pre-historic life in the arctic circle and the tale of a young girl struggling to grow up in a harsh world.

Much later I was fascinated by anything about French or British Kings and Queens.  I read everything I could find about King Arthur, Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution.  One of my favorites was Young Elizabeth by Alison Plowden.  My heart ached for Elizabeth yet I could see how her troubled young life helped mold her into the powerful Queen she became.  

In all of these books I loved the strong female characters and knew that I wanted my MC modeled after their strength.

Recently, I have also gotten a lot of inspiration from Jess, (my daughter), over at Write Skate Dream.  Her focus and determination to finish her novel has sparked me to be more focused on mine.  And all of you great blog friends and followers that I have met over the last year have been wonderful in supporting my writing and reminding me how much I love the creative process.



  1. Awesome spark story! I love how strong female characters in books inspired you to write. :)

  2. I love that you draw inspiration from your daughter. My kids inspire me too. How can they not? Their imaginations are infectious.

  3. awww! like daughter like mother! and she seems like a great girl =) lovely spark story!

  4. Cherie- Thanks. I grew up in a male dominant household, so the strong female character fascinated me.

    Angie- Kids are such a treasure trove of funny situations and interesting ideas!

    Tara- Thanks. It's nice to have her as a writing buddy!

  5. Strong female characters are so key in a story. Looks like you found some great inspiration to pull it off!