Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wrestling on the Stairs

Today as I was wrestling with the vacuum on the stairs, I wondered how it's possible that humans have not been able to invent a lightweight vacuum that is capable of sucking up more than dust.  I tried a handheld battery powered one once.... I think the carpet looked dirtier after using it.   Then I tried a light weight plug in variety.  I slow roasted a brisket faster than I got the steps clean that day, but at least they were eventually clean.  So now I'm stuck lugging my over-sized vacuum up and down the stairs.  Of course the head of the vacuum doesn't fit on the step so I kind of have to balance it with one hand while I use the other to control the hose end.  Even with this mega vacuum's power, I have to loosen the strands of hair that are stuck like velcro deep in the carpet fibers.

If we could only harness the unbelievable power of computers and put that to use on a new age vacuum.  Maybe Apple could come up with special sucking app for the i-Pad.  Then I could vacuum the steps and blog at the same time.



  1. You are so funny! Actually there is a vacuum cleaner that is easy to handle without all the heavy stuff. A friend of mine has a vacuum unit installed in his basement with piping throughout the house in the walls. All that is carried around is the hose and head which you plug into the sockets in each room. Makes so much sense.
    God bless you my friend and I'm sure someone will invent a vacuum cleaner I-pad soon enough, ha, ha.

  2. Wow that sounds cool, though I have been known to have problems with long hoses too. Thanks for all the encouragement!