Monday, August 29, 2011

Strange Inspirations

I have been trying to figure out a compelling beginning to my YA novel.  A lot of ideas have been floating around in my head, but I couldn't picture the right scene.  Then the other day I had to wait in the doctor's office for about a 1/2 hour.  I was all alone in this cold sterile room and all I could picture was my MC.  There she was in a cold, cave-like cell, held captive by a barbarian tribe.  What terrible plans did they have for her? She didn't want to hang around long enough to find out! She would have to use all her mental capacity to outwit these hulking creatures and set herself free.

I couldn't wait to get home and start writing!  Finally I had a good starting point.

Back home, I had a wonderful hour of non-interrupted writing which is highly unusual for me, and I finished the entire scene!  Yeah.  I'm so excited to finally be writing my novel instead of merely thinking about it.  I've used a lot of everyday scenes as inspiration before, but I never expected to find my opening at the doctor!

How have you come upon your opening scenes?

Kathy :)



  1. What an excellent use of what could have been a wasted half hour. I often take a note book with me and jot down ideas and I have to admit that waiting rooms are a good place to people watch. I have an idea for a new novel rolling round in my head at the moment. I haven't yet sorted out the opening scene. Maybe I should make an appointment at the doctor's!

  2. Hey I've given you two awards over at my blog! Please go pick them up! :)

  3. Hello, fellow Campaigner! I write YA romances, and for one opening scene I was just out on a walk and saw some boys swimming and jumping into a canal from the road down from our house. It sprang an entire, unexpected story about a girl who hates her dad and complains to this mysterious boy who works for the Fates and ends up cutting her thread from the world. Crazy. Anyway, nice to meet you, looking forward to checking out your blog!

  4. great job! you inspired me to look at mine again...

  5. Rosalind- Lol! I wouldn't recommend being at the doc unless necessary! Good luck with your opening!

    Alyssa- Yeah thanks! I'll be right over.

    Cortney- Hi, great to meet you! Wow that sounds like an interesting first scene! I love how random thoughts/sights can spark a whole story.

    Tara- Yeah! I'm always happy to be an inspiration! Thanks :)

  6. What was my original opening scene for my YA fantasy is now in the second chapter. I needed to introduce the characters more before the indicting incident - I had been starting to close to the action.

    Fellow campaigner here. I write just about everything - from PBs on up to adults. Looking forward to getting better acquainted!

  7. I often picture the ending before the beginning - wishful thinking I guess :-)

  8. For one of my WIPs, I remember I was driving along one of the major streets in my city, paying attention, I promise, when the opening scene of a fantasy novel started building itself in my head. I had never before even considered writing a fantasy novel, but the story of these girls intrigues me, and I will see what happens with it.

    My most recent picture book manuscript was in my head when I woke up one morning. I've had a couple of story ideas present themselves immediately upon waking like that. It makes me eager to get up, for once!

    I'm in the campaign, too -- looking forward to getting to know you better as time progresses.

  9. Hey, Kathy! Thanks for commenting on my blog and for becoming a Follower! It's great to meet you!

    How terrific about coming up with your opening scene in a doctor's office - and then having an uninterrupted hour at home to write it out! Like you, I write best when it is quiet (that is, my little ones are asleep for the night). Also like you, I had an idea for my first novel and just needed the time and quiet to write it down. The opening scene just kind of came to me - much as the rest of the book did. I didn't do much planning (not sure that was the best way to go...I'll plan the next one out a bit before beginning because my word count came up short on the first one.) And it did feel so good to get to writing it! It's on submission now, but I'm still so excited about it!

    And it's awesome that you ice skate professionally! You're the first person I've met online who does that! I ice skated in high school but didn't get to the level where I would've begun learning jumps. Too bad - it sure it fun to ice skate!

    Thanks again!