Sunday, August 21, 2011

So Many Flavors

Grandma and Grandpa came in for a lovely visit this weekend.  We had a great time with them.  We went for a walk, hung out, and watched movies.  The kids challenged Grandma to Wii boxing and tennis.  Ryan wasn't too happy when she beat him.

We decided to end the night with an overload of sugar.  We made a dark chocolate torte and bought 6 pints of Jeni's specialty ice cream like wildberry lavender, bourbon buttered pecan, and salty caramel.    Everyone got a tiny spoon to sample every flavor.  Then we filled our bowls with our favorites.  The kids loved the idea of getting to choose from so many flavors.  It was so much better than going to the ice cream shop and choosing just one.

My favorite was wildberry lavender not just because it was purple.  What's your favorite ice cream flavor?  Or do you prefer sorbet, or gelato?

Hope every one had a great weekend!



  1. My favorite flavor has to be the original Vanilla! But my buys sorbet sometimes and my favorite flavor is Blood Orange!

  2. I love anything with toffee and chocolate in it. That chocolate torte looks wonderful :)

  3. Jenna- I like vanilla, but usually I go for the chocolate.

    Sarah- Oh yummy combo. Thanks, the torte is very rich but oh so good.