Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where Does Passion Come From?

I've coached skating for 20 years.  My own girls have skated since they could walk, but they have never really wanted to "learn" correct techniques. They wanted to slide around and have fun.  That was fine with me.  I never pushed them to take lessons, though I secretly wished they would have the same passion for the sport that I have.  I did however, want to see something spark their interests.  I was worried that nothing inspired their hearts to greatness.  They were happy being adequate in all their activities whether it was violin, piano, school, or sports. At 11 and 13,  maybe they were still too young.  How do parents ignite passion in their children? Is it possible? Do you have to wait until it shows itself? Can you subtly speed along the process? Or do you let them be adequate?  All these questions filled my head.  
Then everything changed.  I still don't know what happened, but all of a sudden my girls are begging me to give them lessons and skate as much as possible.  I asked them what was different and even they had no explanation.    I don't know if they will stick with skating or move onto something else, but now that they are another year older they at least have a burning desire to be great at something.         



  1. of course I'll stick to skating!!!!

  2. jeez mom! the day we quit skating will be the worst day of my life!

  3. haha ya jessica but thats never going to happen!

  4. Once the love of skating is in your heart it stays with you forever. Your skating and teaching are an inspiration to all who see you. Love Ya! Mom