Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Only 6

My son doesn't seem to think he is only 6.  Somehow he envisions that he should be able to draw like an adult or play the piano with no mistakes.  This proves wildly frustrating for him when he does not perform up to his own expectations.  I haven't quite figured out the right parenting method to deal with this when he wads up all his school papers and proclaims that "this is the worst day ever!"  The other day, however I was treated to a glimpse of the future.
We stopped at an Italian bakery before going to a performance of a local youth orchestra.   Ryan enjoyed his cherry butter cookie so much that he wanted to ask the guy behind the counter what the recipe was.  I told him, I didn't think the guy would give it to him.  But Ryan persisted.  He walked up to the counter wearing his little suit jacket and tie and peered over the top.  The guy didn't notice him at first, but Ryan waited patiently for the other customer to be finished.  Then he calmly asked his question.  He came back to our table with a look of satisfaction.  No, he didn't get the recipe. The guy didn't know how to make them either, but Ryan was proud that he had tried .  At that moment I didn't see him as a 6 year old and I was happy that he didn't either.



  1. Oh I know! My son tunrs 6 in January and he gets so frustrated all the time. It's amazing. Good to know mine's not the only one.

  2. I think frustration must be linked to the Y chromosome!

  3. Haha my little brother is so cute!