Monday, November 15, 2010

A Little Surprise

We spent most of the day Saturday going through our usual routine of sports classes, homework and a trip to the library. My husband wanted to do something special for the kids in the evening.  We decided to order pizza and not tell them.  In fact, we told them we were going to have squash soup and salad for dinner, their least favorite selection! They grumbled and groaned. Then we put in a movie.  I prepared a salad so they wouldn't get suspicious and said I would make the soup after the movie. I also ran upstairs to call the pizza place.
Everyone was engrossed in the movie, then the doorbell rang. "Who could that be?" They asked.  I went to the door and my son followed me.  I handed him the bottle of soda while I paid for the pizza. "It's pizza! Who ordered pizza?  Dad did you order it?" They asked. They started running around excitedly. My husband and I acted like we had no clue how the pizza got there.
"I guess we don't have to have squash soup now", my husband said. They all laughed as they realized we had in fact planned the whole thing. We had our party on the floor, in front of the paused movie.
"Thanks Mom and Dad, you're the best!" They said.  It was a great way to spice up a routine Saturday.



  1. That's fantastic!! lol.... what a great trick! We do the riday nigt carpet picnin with a movie and slumber party every weekend. We're prolly spoiling our kids, but it gives them incentive to get through the school week.
    Squash soup?? lol ... it actually sounds pretty good. :)

  2. I don't think it's spoiling them. I think it's great when kids can glimpse the inner child in their parents. I make squash soup for Thanksgiving every year and the adults love it!

  3. Haha actually I'm starting not to mind squash soup!

  4. YEAH! Maybe by the time your 18 you will be asking me to make it. haha

  5. The only problem- when we actually make squash soup and salad and the kids sit by the door waiting for the pizza to show up...