Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good to Be Back!

I'm glad to be back!  I didn't really drop off the face of the Earth just off the blogosphere.  The last two weeks have been filled with all kinds of craziness.... more than usual.  My husband had knee surgery and I had to put everything on the back burner in order to take care of him.  I didn't think I could make it through more than a day without using the computer, but it has been almost 12 days! This is the first time that I have sat down to write.  :(   Though I have missed all my bloggy friends, I realize now just how much time I was spending on the computer not accomplishing a whole lot. OOPS!  I thought I was spending time writing, but I wasn't staying focused on my work.  I would come to a difficult part, lose focus and then check my email for the 12th time.
My sweetie is still recovering and I'm still taking good care of him but I am determined to use my time more wisely!
Wish me luck!! :)  I'd love to hear about where you struggle with time eaters.


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  1. Yep. I've been the same way too. I've been really bad with visiting blogs, but it's so time consuming and sometimes you just have to step back and leave it alone.
    Glad your hubby is ok. :)