Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Garden Buddies

Up here in Ohio Spring comes late, but eventually our drab days turn green.  Some of my summer perennials are beginning to awaken from their winter slumber and my daffodils are waiting for the warm Spring sun to bloom.   My son who is also my garden buddy, figured it must be time to plant his favorite crop of all:  Peas.  So on Sunday after we had done a bunch of running around town, he dug in the closet for his gardening boots.  I felt like collapsing on the couch with a book, but somehow he convinced me to dig in the dirt with him. We made three nice rows and he carefully dropped pea seeds along the rows.  We covered them up, watered them, and put away all our stuff.   The whole process only took about a 1/2 hour.  Taking a little time to share the joy of gardening with my 6 yr old made me forget my exhaustion. I was rejuvenated enough from our outdoor work that I was ready to take on our family game of RISK (which I quickly lost and the boys won.)    


Our 3 nice rows for pea seeds
Later perennials

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