Friday, March 25, 2011

Chocolate Cravings

It was around 8:00 last night and I was craving chocolate.  We only had various types of chocolate chips, nothing special.  Time to do something crazy, I thought.  I had put off making chocolate eclairs for a couple weeks now.  My daughter, Jessica, wanted to make them with me but having never made them before, I was a little intimidated, so I procrastinated.  Last night I decided I would finally act.  
Jessica using her big muscles to stir
We read through the recipe from Julia Child's book, Baking With Julia, a couple of times so we would be familiar with all the steps.  We got out all the ingredients for the pastry and forged ahead.  Now I realize that making these on the spur of the moment may not have been the best plan, but hey I'm a busy working mom.
Mistake #1:  I forgot to bring the eggs to room temp.
Mistake #2:  I added most of the eggs all at once. (I swear I read "add the eggs separately" but somehow in the heat of the moment I forgot.)  It was turning into a comedy cooking show.  Jessica stirred vigorously to mix my mess together.  Finally it did form a dough.  Maybe we had done it after all.  Oops....
Chocolatey Mess
Mistake #3:  Make sure all items are ready for use before starting the recipe!  I had to quickly search for our pastry bags and tips before the batter cooled too much.  I couldn't find what we needed so I slapped together a big plastic bag instead and cut off the corner.... well I cut a pretty large hole not thinking it would matter.  Jessica did a great job piping the dough onto the cookie sheets and brushing them with egg wash.  We cooked them and realized they were giant sized!
Mistake #4:  I never seem to be content with a single recipe and therefore I try to combine multiple recipes.  Sometimes this works.....other times not so well.  We did not have 1 recipe for a filling.  We wanted chocolate inside but how?  SO I went to my favorite  and quickly combined a couple different chocolate filling recipes.
Well in the end we were both covered in a big chocolate mess.... but ooooh was it delicious.

Finished Product :)

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