Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Laugh Til Ya Cry

I have to admit I did something really silly this morning!  I posted a comment on my daughter Jessica's blog,, using an incorrect word. I didn't catch it but Alyssa (my younger daughter) did.  I was referring to the poem of the Tortoise and the Hare, only I wrote "the hair".  We all burst out laughing that I hadn't checked over my work.  I didn't know how to edit it once it had posted so I had to add another comment clarifying my mistake.  We were all doubled over laughing when Alyssa asked, "Does laughing help your corns?"  (She has a corn on her foot).  Now I could barely speak.  I repeated her question not understanding what she was asking.  Then she exploded in another round of laughter.  "No, I said does laughing help your core?"  Ohhh .... It took about 5 minutes before I could get my answer out. I could hardly even breath between laughs.  We were at that stage where just the sound of one person's chuckle, brought a tsumani of more giggles.  We were all crying by the end and yes we all got a great "core" work out.



  1. lol! too funny!I did a post the other day and mentioned how I wasnt a fan of "fowl language." That must be bird talk!! oops!