Thursday, February 17, 2011

No More Chairs

My son's school class has done away with chairs.  They now have big orange bouncy balls to sit on.  If they want their chair back they can have it, but when I went in this week to help out no one had chosen a chair.  You might think this would cause more commotion in a class of 21 first graders, but they were all quietly balancing on their ball doing their work.  His teacher told me their level of concentration seems to be improving because they have to focus on staying upright while they are writing which leaves less time to goof off.  I have to commend the school for trying things a little differently in order to improve our kids' education.  My son loves it so much I thought maybe we should buy some for our house, then maybe he would concentrate on sitting at the dinner table instead of running around it.  


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