Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning.... a Little Early

Ryan doing his part.
Last week, all the snow melted and the sun peeked out from behind its winter cloud cover.  The brand new shoots of daffodils were beginning to rise out of the cold Earth.   Maybe Spring was coming a little early this year.  But the joyous coming of Spring, brings Spring Cleaning (I really don't like cleaning!). I'm not sure what ancient memory is triggered by those first rays of sun and warmth, but as cave people it must have improved our survival when we swept the cave in the Spring.  Even my kids' DNA took over and they felt the need to clean out the winter dust.  Ryan grabbed the wood floor duster and told me I had to vacuum so that he could wash the floor. He went around spraying and dusting until the floor sparkled to his satisfaction.  (Yes, like any kid, he over sprayed and the wood got a little too wet, but hey he was learning to help out and that was what was important to me.) The girls tidied their rooms and the family room, then they vacuumed the steps.  My husband got into it too and cleaned the whole kitchen, even cleaning around the stove.  I took care of the mound of papers that had built up and I readied our old clothes for donation.  I also opened the windows and let the fresh air blow out all of last season's germs.  It was great to get so much done.  With all of us working together, the house looked and smelled great after only about 2 hours. We were now almost ready for Spring....just in time for another winter storm to cover us in a layer of ice and snow. Oh well.


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