Monday, April 28, 2014


Count-down:  19 days until departure for Alaskan Adventure!

I love going on vacation.  I love having time where our whole family is together, with no outside distractions. Nothing that takes our attention away from one another.  That is more important to me than the actual place we visit.  Though the kids have said that our more experiential trips have been their favorites.  Seeing new sights and exploring the unknown has been more memorable to them than our beach vacations. There is something special about being adventurous as a unit.

It’s all about the experience.  What we experience together is forever woven into the fabric of our family’s history and brings us closer.  

A buffalo, for us, instantly brings to mind the time in Yellowstone when a big bull walked right up to our car window and Alyssa blurted out, “Look at that bad boy!”.  Say “Sea Lion” and the McKendry family brain is transported to St.Thomas where we swam with Omar, the sea lion.  

Even when the kids are all grown up and have moved to various parts of the country, they will still have these links back to our little family of five.  Hopefully they will smile and their hearts will be warmed by the memories we made together.  

So despite all the difficulties we may face driving 82 hours to Alaska, I’m thrilled to be etching forever on our brains a whole new set of family experiences that we can draw from later in life.

Moab = driving ATVs through desert canyons 

Kathy :)


  1. Wonderful post! Life is really about having marvelous experiences and sharing them with those we love most.

    Happy Monday!

  2. It's the things you share together you'll remember most.

  3. Your family is going to have such a wonderful time. Some of my best memories are camping with my mother and father and the road trips to get to those places.

  4. Experience you cannot teach, you have to live it and you and your family will certainly cherish this adventure.

  5. Family vacations are always treasures. Enjoy Alaska. We did, and we'd go again in a sec.

    New follower here!

  6. Alex is right--the things you will all share together is the best of all. Photos, movies, simple recordings! I look forward to hear about them all.

  7. Oh my gosh - have soooo much fun! You're definitely going to create lots of new Xperiential memories on that trip.

  8. Jennifer- Thanks! Happy Monday to you too!

    Alex- Yup, I have a lot of memories of shared experiences with my Grandpa which I'm so thankful for.

    L. Diane- I always loved camping with my parents too, and we have lots to laugh about now from those times!

    Sally- Well said.

    C. Lee- Thanks! I'm sure we will. Thanks for the follow! :)

    Susan-I just love looking back at old movies and pictures of our family!

    Nicki-Thanks, I'm sure we will!

  9. I have great memories from past vacations. You're going to create awesome new ones.

  10. 82 hours sounds so scary, but you'll just take it one mile at a time, and enjoy it all.