Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Count-down:  24 days until departure for Alaskan Adventure!

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I never have enough of it. It slips through my fingers like water rushing from a faucet.  Lately, I’ve been striving for efficiency.  I listen to books on cd in the car and at home while I’m doing mindless chores. I have lists and I try to fill every minute with something.  I’m always moving and trying to accomplish some task.  Some days I do manage to get a lot done.  

I wonder though, should my life be about crossing items off my “to do” list?  What is it that I’m rushing around to do?  It’s like I’m hurrying through one task to get to the next one and my mind is off thinking of what I have to do later.  

There is always this pressure of time.  Even with writing this post.  I didn’t get it posted early.  So I’m rushing to get it done.  Why?  Shouldn’t I enjoy sitting here looking out at the greening grass, listening to music and putting my thoughts down on the page? I write, because I love it but when I’m thinking about getting it done, I’m not enjoying the art of writing.  I’ve already moved on to the next thing.  

What if I learned to stop rushing, to feel every second even if it’s while doing the dishes? Wouldn’t I perceive the existence of more time?

On our way to Alaska we will have about 82 hours of driving time.  Time that I can’t be rushing around.  At first my husband and I wanted to bring books on cd to fill that time.  But then we decided not to.  We don’t want to “fill the time”.  We want to “be in the time”.  We want to talk with the kids, blast their tunes, and sing with them (luckily our tastes in music are all pretty similar).  I don’t know what we’ll talk about.  I’m sure we can’t fill 82 hours with conversation and singing, but that’s okay too.  I think a few hours sitting in our own silent worlds watching the scenery, looking for bears, and thinking will be wonderful. 

Maybe I will finally learn to have more time.

But if you have any great conversation starters I’m all ears!

Kathy :)


  1. I think we try to fill the time too often. Sometimes it's all right to just be.

  2. I think the modern world has too much multitasking and endless running, like a hamster on a wheel. You definitely deserve more time to watch the "greening grass." (Love that expression!)

  3. You should take a notebook. Just in case.

  4. Time has flown Monday and Tuesday, but then Wednesday has been the longest day and I was no less busy. Crazy.

  5. Over three solid days of travel. My family would run out of conversation by hour one.

    When I went across country, one thing I did was keep an eye out for interesting things to photograph (like the world's largest fiberglass prairie dog). I also took a picture every time I crossed into a new state. That should at least take up a little of your time :)

  6. Alex- Well said.

    Lexa-Thanks! Yes, I feel like a running hamster often.

    Andrew- Yes, I will!

    Sydney- All the days seem to fly by and blur into a haze for me.

    JE- That's a great idea. Thanks!

  7. You have to give yourself permission to let go and go with the flow. sometimes silence is just as potent as conversation.