Monday, April 7, 2014

Family Time

Count-down: 40 days until departure for Alaskan Adventure

Sibling bonding in Colorado

In this frantic world of work, school, sports, and music lessons, there isn’t much left for family time.  When we are all together, many times each of us is interacting with our own electronic device.  I’m just as guilty as the rest of them.  I’m on my laptop writing, Jessica is on hers either writing or checking the latest gossip on Facebook. Ryan is playing iPad games. Alyssa is on her phone checking the latest posts on Instagram and my husband is reading on his iPad or listening to his latest Coursera course.

Sure, we go on occasional hikes, take the puppy for walks, and try to eat most dinners together, but after a full day we tend to retreat to our own little projects.  And that’s a good thing.  We can’t always spend quality time together.  

But what I am looking forward to most about this Alaskan Adventure is the time we’ll be spending together.  Total immersion in this adventure together.  No one can run off to their room and hide behind their closed door.  We’ll essentially all be in the same small space for three weeks.  Not every moment will be fun, but every moment will be memorable.
I want to be present in every moment.  Not thinking about past stresses or future problems.  To share everything that Alaska offers with my family.  To look back from the front seat of the RV to see our three kids singing and doing choreographed hand motions together to Nelly’s song Just a Dream and remember that moment forever.  

Kathy :)

Oh and I wanted to do a quick shout out to my daughter Alyssa who just started blogging again.  If you have time she would really appreciate a visit at Life is Good.


  1. Family time is important and with all the technology around nowadays the art of conversation can be somewhat lacking.

  2. Be present in every moment? Now that is a praiseworthy ambition. One of my biggest problems is spending too much time waiting for the next moment.

  3. Hello Kathy.
    Wishing you and your brood a wonderful time together in a stunningly amazing Alaska. Many blessings from a hot Johannesburg South Africa.

  4. You'll enjoy some quality family time no matter what, darn it!
    And yeah, we tend to go do our own thing after dinner as well.

  5. It's definitely important to get that family time in when you can!

  6. Great post, looking forward to your trip with you!


  7. You will love Alaska. My blog header is from the Inside Passage. It is an amazing country but I think to live there takes youth and courage. Have a wonderful trip!