Saturday, April 19, 2014


Count-down:  29 days until departure for Alaskan Adventure

On our drive to Alaska we need to be flexible and prepared.  Prepared for whatever might cross our path, whether it’s a pristine glacial waterfall, snowy roads, or a bear.  That doesn’t mean packing for every possibility.  It means we have to be mentally prepared to encounter surprising and sometimes uncomfortable situations.  It means not worrying too much about our exact itinerary and being able to improvise.  It means not being in total control.

But when in life do we ever have total control? 

No matter how hard I try I can’t control the world around me.  I can only control my reactions to it.  If I’m mentally prepared for different situations no matter how difficult, I’ll be able to think more clearly and handle them better.  

“P” is also for Procrastinate, which I definitely did with this post! :)

Kathy :)  


  1. I'm excited to read about your Alaskan adventure. I wish I was taking an epic road trip like that!

  2. Elisabeth- Thanks! It's pretty exciting!

    Alex-That's for sure.

  3. Preparation is definitely important for a trip like this!