Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for Alaskan Adventure!

For this year's A-Z Challenge, my theme is

Mt. McKinley Wikipedia

Alaskan Adventure!

In 46 days my husband and I along with our three children ages 17, 15, and 9, will be going on the adventure of our lives!
We're driving to Alaska! 

Our approximate route 
I’m super excited about it but also nervous.  As the cautious not-so- much-of-a-risk-taker member of the family, I think about all the things that might go wrong. 

  I’ve been trying to prepare, but unlike the pioneers setting out for the West, who spent months building their covered wagons and sewing clothing for their trip, there isn’t that much to do.  Which makes me feel like I’m not preparing at all. 

I thought making our trip my A-Z theme will force me to wrap my head around the magnitude of what we’re going to do. Hopefully I will learn more about what’s in store for us as I research each post.  

I'm looking forward to a fun-filled A-Z adventure! I can't believe there are so many participants this year. My posts are going to be short and sweet so we all have more time to visit others on the list.  I can't wait to see what creative posts you all have.

Have you ever been to Alaska? or taken an extended road trip?

Have an Adventurous "A" day!

Kathy :)

I also wanted to take a minute to announce the release of Kyra Lennon's third book in her Game On series,


It's available on Amazon here


  1. This is a cool theme, I can't wait to read the rest of your posts!

    Also, thanks so much for the shoutout! :D

  2. I have never been to Alaska, or for that matter, I have never been to the United States. So I am interested to learn more about your trip to the place I have never been to.

  3. Wow! That really will be an adventure! 6 hours is our longest car road trip.

  4. Kyra- Thanks! You're welcome, I hope you sell tons of books!

    Romi- I hope you enjoy learning about Alaska! Thanks for stopping by.

    Andrea- Haha, it will be interesting to see how everyone handles that much togetherness! :)

  5. Haven't been to Alaska, but it's certainly on the bucket list. What a great journey to undertake as a family!

  6. That's going to be a long drive. Make sure the kids pack plenty of entertainment for the car ride.
    Just be sure to enjoy every part of the journey.

  7. Sounds like a fantastic adventure!

  8. Oh wow. I would love to take that type of road trip. I said when my writing was able to sustain me and before I set up house again, I would take a drive from New York to LA, writing along the way. Maybe I should end in Alaska.

  9. Tim-We've always wanted to go to, never really thought we would drive there though!

    Alex- Jess is already worried cause we're not going to have internet! I told her she can work on her next book with a pen and actual paper! She rolled her eyes!

    Mike- Thanks, I'm sure I'll have lots to write about afterwards. :)

    Sydney- NYC to LA would be great too! Hope you get the chance, sometimes I think you just have to make it happen.

  10. Oh, how fun! I can't wait to read your posts. My book Polar Night is set in Alaska but I've never actually been there so I did tons of research. I so loved learning about the state and hope to visit someday. What an awesome trip you guys will have!

  11. Wow that does indeed sound like a fantastic adventure, I can't wait to read the rest of your posts. Good luck with the rest of the month...there are loads of blogs involved this year. It's great,

  12. Wow, what a trip. I've gone on a car trip across the country, but not up through Canada to the frigid north (even if it's July, I'm calling it the frigid north). Good luck! Bring lots of books :)

  13. I'm looking forward to sharing in your adventure here on the A to Z. Well done.

  14. Oh this trip idea sounds awesome! :) I hope you have a great time.

    Great "A" post :)

  15. Julie-Thanks, I'm having lots of fun researching too. I hope you get there someday.

    Karen- Thanks for stopping by!

    J.E.-I'm afraid it might be the frigid north especially this year! I'm planning on dressing like I'm going skiing!

    Wicked Writer-Thanks!

    prolixme- Thanks, I'm really excited about it!