Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why Not Whales?

Count-down:  21 days until departure for Alaskan Adventure!

At first I was thinking about doing a post on whales.  There are so many impressive species of cetaceans that travel to Alaskan waters in the summer months to feed.  They fill up their streamlined 100 ton bodies with krill or seals, in the case of killer whales.  Orcas play a large part in the legends of Alaskan Native Peoples.  There is a mystical connection between man and whale.  

My husband didn’t think a whale post was a good idea.  He thought a bunch of facts on whales that could be found on Wikipedia, wouldn’t be all that interesting.  He gave me a suspicious smile and suggested Werewolves instead.  I had to admit, though I find whales fascinating, werewolves capture the imagination.  

Of course there are plenty of wolves in Alaska, around 11,000 according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  Just no werewolves.  At least no reported sightings.  But I think of anyplace, Alaska would be a great place for werewolves to roam.  

I gazed lovingly at my husband, thankful for his insights.  He was rolling around the floor wrestling with our dog.  The silver light of a full moon shone through the window illuminating his green eyes making them glow an almost eerie yellow.  A chill traveled up my spine and I wondered for a moment why he wanted me to learn about werewolves.  He looked up at me as if sensing my thoughts and smiled a hungry smile.      

Kathy :)

*Unlike my other A-Z posts, this post may have elements of fiction.


  1. You just might discover something new about him when you reach Alaska!

  2. I think you might find an entirely new meaning to 'Call of the Wild' when you get to Alaska.

  3. You might find yourself dancing with a wolf through the night!

    Safe journey.

  4. 21 days until awesome. I've always wanted to visit Alaska.