Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm Hearing Voices Dialogue!

Today is the second day of the I'm hearing Voices Character Blogfest hosted by Cassie Mae at Reading Writing and Lovin It and Angela Cothran at Live to Write...Edit When Necessary.  Head on over to check out all the details.  It's been a great way dig a little deeper into our characters personalities and see what makes them tick.

Today our prompt is to have two characters introduce each other using only dialogue--no backstory, no internalization, just dialogue between the two.  Max 250 words.

Here's mine:

"Elodym, I'm shocked to find you here in this rat-infested squalor."

"Let go of me Jedrik! You know nothing about me."

"I know when all this is finished you will be my wife."

"Never! I'd rather marry a wild boar! You are the most vile power hungry loathsome creature I've ever met!"

"When I've destroyed both the Sunayas and the Kyerdens, I will be this world's only hope.  People will come to me for leadership."

"You couldn't don't have the mental capacity of a frog! With what I overheard between you and your "friends", I'll put an end to your treachery."

"You spy! You think I'm going to let you out of here?! You won't be able to tell your precious Princess anything.  You are stuck with me my dear.  And your friends will fall."

"But the Prophecy. They'll find and destroy you."

"Ha the Prophecy is nothing more than ancient stupidity and lies.  It means nothing."

"Get your slimy hands off me!"

"Such a temper does not suit your beauty. You used to have feelings for me. Why do you want me destroyed?"

"I never  had anything for you!"

"Five years ago, when we first met, we walked happily through the gardens together. I remember everything like it was yesterday. That was the day I decided I would make you my wife."

"Jedrik, I didn't mean to lead you on, that's just my way with men."

"You will pay for your seductive ways and you will be my wife!"

Thanks for reading!  Hope you enjoyed.  Hop on over to Cassie Mae or Angela to check out all the other great entries.



  1. Interesting. I like the play back and forth between them.

  2. Nice tension. You brought me into the situation and kept me there. Good job.

  3. Oh my gosh! Freaky scary!!! I can see her struggling against him during this whole thing.

    Great! (But like not great cuz of the situation, but great way to display it all... ya, you know what I mean :) )

  4. NICE. You gave us so much info on them in just 250. Love it.

  5. I don't know if you meant it, but I totally heard a British accent from the guy. I think all pretentious characters have a British accent, so it's probably just me (and it sounds villainous too, well sometimes).

  6. huh! tough nuts! they're destined for a tumultuous life! but fun!
    great slice!

  7. Such intensity! They are very passionate people. I love that. :)

  8. Yeah she is still in love with him.

  9. Great drama. I could really see their personalities :) I think she might still have feelings for him. Fab job!

  10. Oh goodness! Talk about a crazy man! Wowza!
    Great dialogue tho! Shows so much about them. Fabulous job!

  11. I like the banter between the two. Makes you want to know what happens next.

  12. Oh I don't like Jedrik (though I love his name!)

    Great job! Loved it!

    *New follower!* So nice to *meet* you!

  13. OMgosh! Lots of conflict and tension in this piece!

  14. Interesting. I like the tension!