Thursday, July 14, 2011

Writing Buddies

Ever since my oldest daughter Jessica could form sentences, she and I have been writing buddies.  We like to wake up early before anyone else, have a cup of tea and write. She used to just write a few silly lines that often times didn't make much sense to anyone but her.  Then came the 5 page stories with crazy plots.  Now she is working on a full blown Teen novel.  I didn't think she would stick with it but so far she has written 41 chapters and  329 pages!  Her persistence astonishes me.  Any free moment she gets, she is writing.  Sometimes, we tell her to stop working to come watch a movie with us.  Then yesterday, she asked me what I was doing.  She said, "Mom you know your novel won't write itself right?"  Yikes.  I tried to make excuses but it was no use.  She saw through me like my old Calculus professor when I tried to explain why I hadn't finished my integrals assignment. So she sat at the computer with me and I was inspired by her endless enthusiasm.  I accomplished more than I had in a while.

Later I had to run some errands.  The kids stayed home together.  When I returned, Jessica was sitting in between Alyssa and Ryan.  They were hard at work on their own stories and Jessica was going back and forth to help each of them.  They had never before shown an interest in creating stories when I had initiated it, but with Jessica's guidance Alyssa wrote 2 chapters and Ryan completed 2 pages.  They couldn't wait to read their works to me.  I was amazed to see how she had used her passion to spark the imagination of her siblings.    

I guess I have three writing buddies now! :)


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