Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Philadelphia Part I: Wonderful Wasabi

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a great city!  It may not be as big as New York, but that is one of the reasons I love it.   It has a magnetism that keeps drawing us back.  Even after living there for two years, my husband and I crave spending time in the City of Brotherly Love.
On our latest trip, we checked into our hotel and searched for a place to get lunch.  It didn't take us long before we found a cute little sushi place called Mizu.  The kids love Japanese food.  We ordered a big plate of assorted sushi and some dumplings.  Usually Ryan sticks to the dumplings and is full.  But this time he felt adventurous and wanted to try some sushi.  My husband poured some soy sauce into the little dish and asked him if he wanted a little wasabi in it.  Ryan said, "sure".  Ryan carefully dipped his chosen piece into the sauce and popped it into his mouth.  "HMMMMM! It's kinda spicy, but really good", he said as he reached for more.  Then after shoving his third piece in his mouth, his hands immediately clutched his nose and a low painful groan emanated from his throat.  His eyes watered.  He grabbed his glass and gulped water to wash away the uncomfortable sensation.  Then he started laughing and we did too.  Even the chef behind the counter was chuckling.  When we all settled down, I figured Ryan would be done with sushi, but he said "Wow was that hot, but I love it!"  I want to come here again tomorrow!  .....and we did, but this time we mixed in his wasabi a little better.        
Ryan feeling the effects of a chunk of wasabi



  1. Poor lad. You could have put him off chilli heat for life. Good on him that he was up for more. I've never had wasabi but it sounds good.

  2. Wow! What a trooper! I can't even eat wasabi myself. How brave he is for trying new things!

  3. It's so funny the first time you get that burning up your nose. Totally different to chillies. I love wasabi but do exercise caution. Ha, Ha, Ha.
    You made me laugh today, thanks, Geoff.

  4. That is such a funny story, I loved it! Sounds like you guys had a great time!

  5. @ Rosalind- That's what I was afraid of. It's a different kind of heat like a strong horseradish. It really clears your sinus. I was surprised he wanted more!

    @ PK- We still can't get him to eat potatoes! The only kid I know who doesn't like them!

    @ Geoff- I'm happy to spread smiles around!

    @ Ali- Thanks. Yes we had lots of fun!