Wednesday, July 6, 2011

That's the Hardest Part

 My son loves to stand on the dock and fish.  But he figured out pretty quickly that he wasn't going to catch anything with just a plastic minnow tied onto the line.  He figured he needed to learn how to fish with a real hook.   So he and Gramps, my 89 year old grandpa, (our family's fishing expert), set out together to catch a real fish.

They waited ........

and waited........

and waited......

They baked in the hot sun and finally gave up, deciding they would try again later when it was cooler.

A few hours passed.  The sun began it's slow descent in the sky.  They grabbed the pole and enthusiastically  took up their post once more.

They sat ...

and sat...

and sat.

I went out to check on them.  "Not even a nibble", they told me.  Ryan was a little discouraged and was ready to go back in the house.
I told him how Gramps and I used to fish all the time.  Most of the time we didn't catch anything either, but it was special to sit there with Gramps, talking and enjoying each other.  I told him that fishing is really about being patient and learning to enjoy the wait for the reward.
"Well that's the hardest part, Mom", he said.
Gramps and I chuckled and agreed. Ryan decided they could cast one more time but after that they should call it a day.  I was a little sad.  I wanted his first real fishing experience to be a great one.  I wanted him to be able to look back fondly on the moments spent fishing with Gramps, like I can. I was hoping he could catch something, even if it was just a tiny little fish. But of course I couldn't control the outcome.
So I took a few more pictures of them and waited for the last cast to end.  

They had almost finished winding it in, when something hit the line.  The pole doubled over and Gramps waited patiently for the right time. The tip dipped into the water. Gramps made one swift jerk and handed the pole over to Ryan.  I thought Ryan might fall over he was so excited, but Gramps told him how to wind it in. Pretty soon we could see a long graceful shape on the end of the line.  There it was a beautiful Northern Pike.  Ryan had caught his first fish after all!


(Hope you all had a great weekend!)


  1. Unless you're fishing for survival or to feed the family, sometimes it's just the experience of being there that makes the experience. I never did much fishing. My father wasn't a fisherman and I didn't know any fishermen when I was growing up, but we went a few times and it was fun. Never ever caught a fish and if we had I'm not sure that we would have known what to do with it.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Even though I'm a total non-angler I can appreciate the climax to that day's fishing for both Ryan and his Gramps. It's a day Ryan will remember for ever.

  3. Man, does Ryan look chuffed or what?
    Nice one chap, I would also be proud to catch such a fine fish. Tell him, from a real fisherman, Well done.

  4. @ Arlee- once the fish is caught, then the real work begins; but usually we let them go.

    @ Rosalind- Yes he will. It's important to foster those kind of moments with the grandparents and great- grandparents.

    @ Geoff- Thanks! Yeah he was quite proud of himself.