Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Philadelphia Part II: Historical Encounters

Ryan looking up to James Madison

 Though we spent most of our time in Philadelphia eating great food, we did decide to venture to a few historical sights.  We stopped at the new Constitutional Center where the kids could take the Presidential Oath of Office, make a law, and play Presidential Jeopardy.  At the end of the exhibition we reached a room with 42 bronze men. They were seemingly perfect copies of the men who served as the delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1787.  The kids loved it!  They peered into the faces of these frozen men and pretended to engage them in conversation. They enjoyed sitting with Ben Franklin and talking to James Madison and George Washington.

 It was strangely difficult to tell the tourists from the statues at times.  Alyssa bumped into one of them and turned around to say "sorry" until she realized it was Alexander Hamilton.  I brushed a little too close to James Madison and I had the eerie feeling I was invading his personal space.  If these statues exuded so much personality, I wondered how it would have been to really be in the room when the Constitution was signed.  The best part was that the kids got to live history if only for a moment.


Here is a link to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia if you would like to check it out! Constitutioncenter.org

Jessica engaging a signer in a philosophical discussion

Jesse standing stoically with George Washington

Jessica and Alyssa on the arms of Alexander Hamilton

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