Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Ahhhhhhh......peace and quiet.  It is 5:29 a.m. in my time zone and no one else is awake in my house.  The soft hum of the refrigerator and the patter of rain upon the roof are the only audible sounds. It's just me and my extra large cup of green tea. No interruptions now and no excuses for not writing.
I am quite used to working with chaos around me though.  My son keeps a constant conversation going at all times, especially when I'm on the computer.  My 2 homeschooled daughters are quieter but often I need to stop mid-thought to help them with a subject.   Yesterday I couldn't seem to handle the craziness.  I had planned on writing something a little more profound.  I struggled for most of the day to get my words right.  Then in the midst of a conversation with my son about penguins, I scrapped everything and changed my word.
So now in my solitude the words should fly onto the screen with ease....but maybe it's too quiet.  I keep checking the clock.  When should I wake them up?  Now?  No, that's crazy let everyone sleep. I stare at the blinking cursor.  It is just blinking... waiting for me, but nothing comes to my head.

I guess I'll go wake them up now.


One of my favorite quiet places, my grandpa's cottage in Michigan


  1. we did not have quiet last night - we had tornado warnings. everyone to the basement! one neighbor's flipped trampoline later...
    happy q day =)

  2. That is my fave time of day. Early morn when the house is asleep. I tend to be more creative that way. :)

  3. what a lovely picture, and like you, I adore my peace and quiet. I especailly need total quiet when I'm writing, it's the only waty I can construct sentences.

  4. This looks like a great blog look forward to following.

  5. Nothing like peace and quiet but it's so hard to come by. Treasure every moment.


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