Monday, April 18, 2011


My husband loves oysters.  I've tried them.  I wouldn't say they are my favorite dish.   I realize they are considered a delicacy.  In The Oyster Wars of Chesapeake Bay, John Wennersten tells of how the ancient Romans devised a method for packing oysters in bags of ice.  This way they would stay closed and fresh on the long export route from England to Rome.  It seems to me that if they were willing to do that much work 2000 years ago, oysters must be something special.  But I have never ordered a plate of oysters and honestly don't see myself ever doing so.... but I never used to order sushi and now I love it.  Maybe my palate will continue to mature.

Are there any "delicacies" that you just can't seem to appreciate?


  1. Oh, oysters! Yum yum yum; I love them!

    I can't get behind pigeons. My Egyptian family LOVE them.

  2. I'm there with you on the oysters - I've never tried them... just remind me of having a bad cold. And I can't quite get with the whole sushi / raw fish thingy yet... I'll get there though!

  3. Oysters, eeew. Caviar, eeeww.
    Found you thru the a-z challenge.Nice to "meet" you.

  4. I've never tried oysters and have no intention of every doing so. I'm not a big fan of any kind of seafood. I'm sure they taste good, but I can't get my mind off gross.

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    Talli- Pigeons sound interesting, I guess they can't be too different from cornish hens.

    Laura- It took me a long time to enjoy sushi. I started small and worked up.

    Karen and Amy- Nice to meet you.