Friday, April 15, 2011


My mom with Alyssa and Ryan
I like the sound of a lot of "M" words like:  monkey, marathon and milestone.  But no "M" word means more to me than "MOM".  I think I won the mom lottery.  She encouraged my imagination. We played "beach party"  spreading beach towels in front of a sunny window and pretending to sunbathe.  We wrote silly stories together.  Sometimes we laughed more than we wrote.  We painted together.  We worked in the garden together.  Actually, we did almost everything together.  I was too shy to take an ice skating class by myself so I begged her to take it with me.  She did.  She did so much for me, and she still does.  She would drop everything to come help any of her 3 kids.  She taught me how to be a good mom by being a good one herself.  Thanks Mom.



  1. Hey Kathy ~~ simple & to the point ! A mum is priceless & I'm blessed to still have my mum as she is 82 years old and going strong ...
    Lovely to meet you . I hope that you enjoy the rest of the A~Z Challenge !


  2. I like that "won the mom lottery." Love the name of your Blog, and the byline! Cheers!

  3. I sure loved all the fun activities we did together, especially learning skating with you and teaching with you. Thanks for all the fun times. Happy Mother's Day
    You are a wonderful mom to your three beautiful children. Love Ya, Mom